Pigeon & Bird Extermination Tips

Pigeons are called rats of the bird family, Pigeons are filthy, causing disease and damage. Their droppings activate human slips and falls and accelerate the age of structures and statues. This is why it is important to get rid of them. Because they may transmit diseases, for example, cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, salmonella, food contamination, and others.  Different pests may live on these birds, including insects, lice, vermin, ticks, and different pests. Pests may also plague homes and hence can be very damaging to your health.

If you are looking for ways to exterminate pigeons, the best choice is to procure a professional to carry out the responsibility however, if you feel like you can do it on your own, follow these pigeons and bird-killing tips. 

Trapping Pigeons 

When the bird pressure is substantial in a region, you can exterminate them using flock dispersal techniques like trapping. Non-domesticated pigeons are not native to North America, so they are on e of those birds that are not secured under state or government laws. Trapping is a crucial step you'll have to take to dispose of pigeons. When the pigeon populace is extremely dense in an area, trapping can lessen the group size while the other deterrent items can be introduced for the best results. 


Pigeon shooting is a technique that requires skill and accuracy . Observation skills, fieldcraft, understanding the bird and decoying capacity are key parts of pigeon shooting that you have to ace.

Ensuring that you have the best spot in the correct field is the most significant component. You may assemble the ideal pigeon stow away, set out a real existence like decoy design or be the best shot, yet if you are not in the best spot on the right-field you will be ineffective. 

In a perfect world, you should complete your reconnaissance the day before you are going shooting. 

Bird spikes 

One of the most mainstream choices, bird spikes are sharp spikes that can be set in areas where pigeons infest. Even though bird spikes may look dangerous and inhumane, they are impeccably safe to use. These spikes don't hurt the pigeons. They just prevent them from landing, hence preventing them from infesting. Bird spikes can be bought in hardware shops, or you can make them yourself with nails hammered through a bit of wood. Because of the possible threat, be certain not to place them in places where kids may contact them 


Another simple technique to kill pigeon includes poisoning them.  You can get a few poisons that you can basically put in a region where they are known to eat and let them ingest the poison also and soon they are dead. A lot of people around the world use this technique to exterminate pigeons and other damage-posing birds. They put out food that is mixed with poison to lure them to eat it and die. 

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