Armadillo Extermination Tips

You can achieve armadillo extermination by employing a passive or aggressive technique. Either of the two techniques will yield the best results. While the passive techniques use repellents and sprays to manage the armadillo's food sources. This methodology will give prompt outcomes and at times, resolve the contention. Aggressive strategies, on the other hand, include either live trapping or lethal trapping and this will also yield a characteristic result. However, their burrows are probably going to be replaced by the new armadillos who are going to locate the empty region once the old armadillos are expelled. 

Follow the article to find out some of the best techniques to exterminate armadillos from your property. 


Armadillos can be caught in 10-by-10-by-32-inch live or box traps, for example, Havahart, Tomahawk or custom made traps. The best areas to set traps are along trails to armadillo burrows and along the wall or different traps where the animals may travel. 

The best trap is one that can be opened at the two ends. Its adequacy is improved by using "wings" of 1-by-4-inch or 1-by-6-inch sheets around 6 feet in length to channel the rodent into the trap. This trap needn't bother with bedeviling. 

Live traps 

This is one of the best methods for expelling an armadillo from a property.employ a big cage trap and set it flush over an armadillos tunnel, or even on its way close to the tunnel, along the wall. You can use wooden sheets to control the creature toward the mouth of the trap. You wont even need to place a bait, the armadillo will casually into the trap, given that it is flush to the ground and doesn't wobble. These critters are quite simple to get. When you get it, you can execute it, ideally with a firearm or CO2 chamber. Try not to suffocate any creature, that is inhumane and sluggish redneck move. If however, killing is the only option left, do so consciously and professionally

Lethal traps

These body grip traps are genuine, they are in use since the bygone era fur-trappers, and they do the job effectively. Indeed, you can kill an armadillo with a tight body grip trap but why do you need to do that?  In any case, these traps are for trained professionals. They are hard to set and exceptionally dangerous. They are hair-trigger which means if an opossum, skunk, groundhog, or more terrible, a pooch goes sniffing around the tunnel and the trap, they will get snapped to death or a frightful injury. 


It's difficult to execute an armadillo with poison because armadillos just eat live worms and grubs that they uncover from underneath the ground. They won't eat any food lying casually on the ground. Your most logical option to murder an armadillo is by firing it with a firearm, make sure it is lawful to do as such in your general vicinity. 


if you lawfully claim a firearm and are allowed to fire it on your property, you can utilize a weapon to slaughter armadillos. The weapon must be efficient enough to puncture the armadillo's defensive shell- which while not as extreme as a turtle's shell, provides some level of security. In the majority of regions, it isn't lawful to take out a firearm in a residential area. Shooting an armadillo could be troublesome because they are slippery, and not active for long, and nighttime. Hence, they might be difficult to spot. Also, they don't sit still for long and are constantly moving. 

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